Weebly’s New Apps and Features for January 2017

Weebly continued in January to expand the features of its website builder as well as release new apps in their market place. Feature releases like these are very common with website builders like Weebly as they strive to have the best functionality as possible. Below is a list of the new features Weebly released:

  • New Image Editor – Fast and rich with new tools, the new image editor helps you bring high-quality images to life on your site. New features include cropping, filters, focus, undo button and much more. This is completely free and  available with all plans.
  • Square Australia – Australia site owners can now use Square to connect their digital storefront with physical payment processing, enabling users to manage all sales from one place
  • SSL for Membership – Added security layer for membership websites with all membership activity automatically protected with SSL certificates.
  • IDX Integration – Realtors can now use the Realtyna IDX App to display MLS listing directly on their websites.
  • Optimized Delivery Times – New Weebly Promote feature that uses recipient location and email interaction history to pick the best time to deliver your emails. Free with all Promote plans.
  • Email Coupons – We’ve added the coupon element to Weebly Promote. Any coupon created from the Store tab can now be placed in your mails.
  • Promote Contributor Access – Your site contributors can now gain access to Weebly Promote and edit emails, contacts and more.
  • Share and subscribe bar – Activate a share and subscribe bar which will appear on emails in Weebly Promote when viewed in browser by customers.
  • Automated Email Series – Turns automated emails into a series of connected emails based on a website trigger. Currently built for new contacts and new customers.
  • Social and Logo Email Defaults – Set default logo and social media profiles in Weebly Promote and they will be applied to all future emails.

Weebly also announced a handful of new apps they releases in January. These apps included tools for web design, social selling and shipping. Website builders like Weebly continue to increase the power of their website builders by having a robust app marketplace where users of their platform can expand the functionality of their website with ease.

  • Patreon – Get paid every month by your biggest fans, perfect for musicians, artists and writers! – Free.
  • Column Lock – Force columns to remain displayed in columns instead of blocks on smaller screens – Free.
  • Crowdlever – Boost conversion rates with social proof, show orders in real time and create a sense of urgency for visitors – Free to $149/month.
  • Outfy – Automatically promote your products on 10+ social networks – $10 to $20+.
  • Shippypro – Shipping platform with bulk label creation and printing, the ability to sync with multiple carriers, sale analysis and more – Free to +$19/month
  • Facebook Audience – Create targeted ads to grow business through Facebook – $9 to $49/month
  • Waddons Pack – Discounted bundle of 16 top apps including Animator, Chameleon Slider, Sectionizer and more – $55
  • Appreplica – Embed live content on your website from social media and portfolio sites – Free.
  • InstaLink – Instagram widget with customization options and easy setup – $2.99 to $23.88/year
  • Yottie – Add YouTube videos to your site – $2.99 to $23.88/year.

While both lists of features and apps is commendable, many Weebly users are continuing to question when Weebly will start releasing features for their Designer Platform. Weebly’s Designer Platform is one of their white labeled solutions where designers and other web professionals can build Weebly websites for their clients and brand them as their own. This can be a powerful tool for these web designers as they can build websites faster and get support from the platform.

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