Owning a small business can be a daunting task, and small business owners are typically focused on growing their business and reaching the next level. There are thousands of examples of businesses who have been able to take the next step by having a business website. This best small business website guide will help your business take the next step. With the proliferation of mobile devices, the need for a mobile-friendly business website is even more paramount. According to the small business administration 43% of websites don’t have websites. Of the small businesses that do have websites 93% aren’t fully mobile compatible. Check out the best small business website builders which will allow you to create a website for any business.

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What is required for a small business website?

Of course your small business website needs to be visually appealing. It also needs to reflect your brand identity, and communicate needed information to your prospective customers. Here is our top list of must have features and functionality that is needed for you small business website:

  • Mobile friendly – It is paramount in this day and age for your small business website to be mobile friendly. Even better if the website is responsive, responsive websites are a type of website that automatically adjusts based on the device being used to deliver an optimized viewing experience.
  • Contact form – It is critical that your business can leverage a contact form to empower your customers to request information from you, without having to leave your site. Ideally, these requests will be emailed to you, so you can follow up on your business’s leads.
  • Room for customization
  • Marketing tools – Your small business website needs to be SEO friendly.