#1. People are looking for you online.

Everyone googles everyone these days. It’s so common, in fact, that the Oxford English Dictionary actually added the noun “to google,” meaning “to look someone up online.” People use Google and other search engines to research businesses, look up people they meet, get the scoop on job applicants… the list goes on and on.

If someone tries to look you up online but you don’t have your own website, you have very little control over what they find. Anyone can post pictures, videos, or blog posts about you anywhere they want online. The only way to take charge of your online image is to control what people find when they google you, and that means you need a website!

#2. Your competitors have websites. 

If you own a business, then a website is an absolute must. You can bank on the fact that your competitors all have business websites

#3. Websites are open 24/7.

Unlike a physical store or office, your website is up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That means you can receive visitors, collect leads, and convert customers around the clock – even while you sleep!

#4. Websites keep you globally connected.

With your own website, you can join in the global community and express your thoughts and ideas to millions of people all around the world. You are no longer limited by your own geographical location, because a website allows you to connect with like-minded people across the globe, wherever they may be.

#5. Websites make money!

That’s right, you can make money with your website right from the comfort of your own home. You can use your website to promote your business and gain more customers, promote affiliate offers to receive commissions, or even turn your site into an online store so you can sell products and receive payments online. Whatever your money-making goals are, a website can help you achieve them.

#6. Websites give you a voice.

Thanks to the global reach of the Internet, all you need is your own website to make your voice heard. You can create a website about anything you want – a political issue you feel strongly about, a hobby or interest you’re passionate about, a cause you’re fighting for… With your own website, your possibilities are virtually limitless.

#7. A website is more professional than a social media profile.

If you want people to take you seriously, you need more than just a Facebook or Twitter profile – you need a professional website. Social media sites are great for sharing photos or connecting with friends, but people don’t give them a lot of credit, and they’re not a very effective way to establish yourself as a credible authority. If you want to impress employers or promote your business, you need a real website, not just a social media profile.

#8. Managing your own website is easy – and fun!

One common myth about website ownership is that it’s hard. You have to be “techy,” you need to know HTML coding, you need to be a professional web designer… These things are simply not true! With a quality website provider like FreeWebsite.com, professional web developers will do all the work for you and build you a great looking site. From there, you can publish updates or make changes easily using the simple point-and-click website editor. You can manage and update your own website without needing to learn a thing about HTML, programming, or web design.

#9. Websites let you promote anything.

You can use your website to promote anything – a business, a group, an organization, yourself. If you can dream it, you can create a website about it. No matter what you want to use your website for, we make it easy to create a website that will attract visitors and get your message out there.

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