There are certain features that every law firm website should have. When people visit your pages, they’ll need access to specific types of information for guiding them through their decisions. This platform will play the greatest role in educating and converting prospects on your behalf. That’s why you should use a quality website builder for creating and maintaining a site that effectively meets the needs of your target audience.

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Features of a Law Firm Website

An Intuitive Layout

Your web pages should have an intuitive layout. Ease of navigation is essential for ensuring that site visitors actually stay on your site once they’ve found it. From your home page, you want your clients to learn more about your practice areas, the services you provide, your experience, your mission, and more. With a website builder, planning a comprehensive and cohesive site is easy. These innovative tools do the majority of the work for you. They’ll walk you through the process while allowing you to preview all planned changes before these are finalized. Moreover, you’ll have the ability to tweak and improve your pages as you move forward and gain a better understanding of what people expect from your pages.

A Blog

In the legal industry, there’s lots of advice that you can provide your clients and prospective clients for assisting them with their issues. Whether you specialize in personal injury, business law, elder law or any other practice area, sharing tips, resources and other helpful info can set your apart as an industry expert. Providing people with valuable content is also a great way to build trust. With a quality website builder, adding a blog is a cinch. Best of all, not only will this secondary platform generate more interest in your firm and walk people through the decision-making process, but it can also help you optimize your website for search engines.

Contact Information And Online Chat Support

There should be a number of ways for people to get in contact with your office. You can list these on your contact page. They might include your phone number, physical address for walk-ins, email address, and even online chat support. If you intend to service a large volume of clients and expect people to have questions that they need answers to right away, online chat support is the perfect function to add to your site. This advance level of communication will set you apart from your competitors and ensure that you don’t lose traffic due to an inability to meet urgent demands.

Opt-In Message

One easy way to stay in contact with the clients you already have while encouraging new prospects to convert is to get these individuals to opt-in to your email marketing campaigns. It’s possible to use a law firm website builder to create an attractive opt-in page that pops up whenever people access your onsite content. You can use this popup to generate both interest and a sense of urgency, so that visitors feel a need to subscribe for more info right away.

Why Use A Website Builder?

Website builders are rich with features and functions that you can use to establish a high-quality website that meets all of the needs of your audience. Best of all, these tools are incredibly cost-effective. You can create your own pages and manage them over the long-term, without having to pay the high costs of outsourcing. You won’t need any special coding or programming skills for creating a visually-appealing site that’s easy to navigate and enjoyable to use.

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