We all know Google, the internet search giant that founded the web’s most powerful search engine. Google has catered very heavily to small business, especially since they want to get more advertising dollars through Adwords. They have launched a series of products over the years, including Adwords, Domains, Google Apps (now know as G Suite), and now a website builder.

Google estimates that 60% of businesses do not have websites which is a statistic that has been around for some time. The website builder is available through Google My Business, which also powers Google Local or Google Maps business listings.

The Google website builder has its limitations however. The website builder only builds a single page website. To you as a small business, this may not seem like a limitation, but a website needs to have more than one page to be successful. To Google’s credit, that is exactly what they might want as it would put small businesses using these website in a position to have to lean on Google’s Adwords platform to drive targeted traffic.

The other limitation of Google’s website builder is that it only allows you to build a free website at a Google subdomain which is setup as business.site. You website address could be “smallbusiness.business.site”. As mentioned earlier, Google also sells domains, so you can buy one from them and they will hook it up to your Google website.

Getting started with Google’s website builder is pretty straight forward. You just need to go here and click to get started.

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