How To Quickly And Effortlessly Start Blogging Today!

Starting a blog isn’t rocket science. With all the tools available today, anyone can hack their way to starting up a blog. The problem is doing it right and actually giving yourself a platform that you WANT to blog from. Most people quick within a short amount of time because of all the technical nuances of having your own blog. From cPanel, databases, and FTP, the acronyms and technical hurdles can be difficult for someone who just wants to start writing about their passions!

That’s where I come in! I put this site together to help even the most technically challenged get a blog up and running, to the more advanced bloggers propel their blogs! Trust me, even my mother did it who has broken more computers than you’ve probably owned in a lifetime!

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Why Use My Blogging System?

Simple! I’ll show you the secrets the others either won’t share, or don’t know exist! Here are some of the main benefits of my blogging course:

  1. A blog with the right foundation – This means, the right blogging software, the best themes, the top plugins, and the most optimal configuration possible.
  2. Automation – Most systems team you the basics, this system does that AND teaches you how to automate a lot of the boring pieces of blogging, but also automating a lot of the marketing and monetization.
  3. Done For You – You heard me! A lot of this process is completely done for you which means, by working with me, you’ll get access to my tools and systems that allow you to have things completely done automatically or with very little effort!
  4. Bonus! A Great Mentor – I’ll be with you every step of the way! I’ve set this program up to allow you to submit questions and get feedback as easily as possible.

So Who Am I and Why Listen To Me?

First off, a little introduction. My name is Jonathan Warner and I’ve been helping people over the last 7 years get started blogging. My clients have ranged from big corporations to small and medium business, all the way to solo entrepreneurs and hobbyists looking to start a blog. I’ve helped over 200,000 people start blogs, pretty impressive right? I don’t say that to brag, even though it is a large number. I say that so you can see that I know what I’m doing, and that I’ll help you become a successful blogger as well!

Keys To Being A Successful Blogger

We want everyone to become a successful blogger, not just have a blog! To help you become successful, I want to share a few things that will help improve your odds:

Why Start A Blog?

There is a laundry list of reasons why to start a blog and each reason is unique to the person creating the blog. The internet has come a long way in the last 10 years and so has web publishing. Even WordPress, one of the most common blogging platforms, wasn’t always the easiest to use! Today, it is easier than ever to get a blog online and start producing results! Why are you starting your blog?

All of those reasons are good reasons, and can be accomplished with my system!

What Is a Blog?

In it’s most basic form, a blog is a chronological list of articles that show the most recent article or post first. Think of it almost like a digital diary that you get the latest and greatest first, and can read backwards through older entries. Blogs also have the ability to categorize posts so readers can easily find information on specific topics.

What Type Of Blog Is This?

The simple answer is anything you want it to be. Even though this is a ‘blogging’ guide, teaching you how to setup a blog, it is really a system to create a website. The ‘blog’ or website is built using WordPress, which in the early days was purely a blogging platform but today is a full featured content management system that allows you to expand and build anything you want! Even the different types of websites we’ll share can benefit from having a blog attached to them. Here are some types of websites you can build with our website system:

We dive deeper into each of these different types of website and how to transform your initial blog into a full featured website to accomplish anything!

The Most Complete Guide To Starting A Blog and Making It Successful

Warning: This Guide Is Not For Everyone!

A lot of people can teach you to blog, and they’re very good at it. There are only a few however, that can really teach you to blog. You know what I’m talking about! Its like a sport, name one, lets say baseball. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you how to throw a ball, or step up in the batters box and hit the ball, and they’ll even teach you the basics of fielding. Just because you have the very simple things down, doesn’t mean you’ll be a successful baseball player, even if you are just trying to play in a pick up game in Jimmy’s backyard!

To really teach someone blogging, you have to really understand not only the basics like how to get the blog setup in the first place and what to write about, sprinkled in with a little marketing and some under explained monetization strategies(what makes you the money with your blog!) but the advanced techniques that will really set you apart and propel your blog! No one wants to grind out a blog, laboring over content day in and day out, blogging needs to be fun, and that is exactly what I’ll teach you!

This system is not for everyone however, so be forewarned! This system has the ability to create an extra income source for you but it takes work and dedication. If you’re not interested in the potential to earn a full time income with blogging part time because it might take a little bit of work, click here to go back to Google and find another project. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and actually give this system a chance, you can succeed where others have failed. Let’s get started blogging!

Overview of How To Start A Blog

This is a quick overview of my guide to starting a blog. Below are the steps you’ll follow to quickly and effortlessly start your blog. This system has helped hundreds of thousands of people just like you and has been through countless revisions to make it as easy as possible to get your blog up and running so you can work on the 80% of things that really matter!

Step 1 – Your Blog’s Foundation

A solid foundation is needed for any successful project, a blog included. This early preparation with help you solidify the topic of your blog, the domain name your blog will have, along with where your blog will live on the internet. Sometimes this step can be the most confusing step of all, so remember to keep things simple and try not to let this part stall your efforts, there isn’t anything you’re going to do through this process that can’t be fixed.

Step 2 – Setting Up Your Blog

Once your foundation is set, we’ll then get your blog up and running. We’ve put together 2 ways to get your blog setup, the first is the easiest if you’ve signed up with our hosting partner and the second is the more manual process but will get the same result with a little more effort on your part.

Step 3 – Using Your Blog

Once your blog is up and running, I now want to run you through a crash course in how to use your blog. This will cover things like how to post a blog post, what all of the settings are for your blog, and basics on themes, plugins and things unique to WordPress.

Step 4 – Start Blogging

You’ve determined what your blog is about and now have it all up and running with more knowledge than before! Now is where the fun starts and you will learn how to start blogging, the actual content creation part of blogging. Don’t let that get you down though, we’ve got a slew of ninja blogging tricks to make this part as painless as possible!

Step 5- Marketing Your Blog

With content for your blog being created now, we want to cover a more advanced topic of blogging and that is the marketing. Blogs have some very unique benefits that traditional stand alone websites do not that we will show you how to exploit! Topics here include SEO or search engine optimization, social media, and paid media including pay per click or PPC. Our VIP program will go into a lot more detail on these topics and more!

Step 6 – Make Money Blogging

Making money with a blog is probably the number one reason people start a blog but a lot of times fail. We will quickly show you the different ways to make money with your blog from selling advertising space to affiliate marketing! Even though this section is focused on the money side of blogging, it will help you find more creative ways to produce content as well!

Get started blogging today!

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