Webs.com, not to be confused with Web.com, was once known as Freewebs. Founded in 2001, it is a static site-only freemium webhost. It offers premium and free hosting plans, as well as a website builder using their own templates. They do not support any dynamic content that is created outside of their own apps, although they do allow HTML uploads and FTP access.

History of Webs.com

Freewebs was launched in 2001. This was just after the dot-com bubble ended. Brothers Zeki and Haroon Mokhtarzada founded the company while they were finishing their university degrees at the University of Maryland, College Park. Younger brother Idris also helped out. They wanted to enable anyone, regardless of where they were in the world, to have a platform to creatively express themselves on a website of their own. The company experienced 1704% growth between 2003 and 2007, by which time 18 million unique visitors came to the sites each month.

Freewebs was renamed Webs on November 14, 2008. However, all URLs stayed in freewebs.com, unless people chose to migrate their name. Newly started sites, however, went to the webs.com domain. Interestingly, six years later, both domains continue to work, even if the site is new. Additionally, people can pay for a premium subscription, in which case they get their own domain, rather than a webs.com domain.

Vistaprint, an online printing service, acquired Webs on December 28, 2011 for $117.5 million. Their new SItebuilder product, Sitebuilder 3, was subsequently released on June 4, 2012. This included more customizable themes, a drag and drop interface, and easy-to-use social media integration.

In early 2013, the internal site of Webs was completely redesigned. This totally changed the building experience that users had. Ads were removed, the user interface was modernized, and a checklist for a successful website was included, which is a step-by-step blueprint.

That same year, on May 3rd, an SEO booster was introduced to Webs users. This is an SEO (search engine optimization) tool, enabling users to ensure they were using the best and correct keywords and keyword phrases to add to their site, thereby boosting their search engine rankings.

Webs set the standard for innovation both within their own company and outside of it. For instance, they started SGN, a social gaming company, in 2008. Shervin Pishevar became CEO and chairman of SGN, after leaving his position as COO and President of Webs. He later joined Menlo Ventures and was able to secure funding for Uber, before launching Sherpa Ventures.

Dave Maestri, meanwhile, is known for the creation of Mobwars, one of the first Facebook games that became really popular. He also came from Webs. Brandon Leonardo, meanwhile, founded Instacart during his time at Webs. Finally, Andrew Sutherland created the popular online quiz service Quizlet.

Webs.com Services

Webs users can create a website through a drag and drop interface. It also offers professional themes, enabling people to easily start a new website. Those who upgrade to the pro levels can also access various ecommerce services, such as Google and Facebook ad credits and unlimited items to their webstore. All Webs users are able to integrate their social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter.

All themes are offered directly by Webs, including the site builder. They also have a variety of dynamic apps, including the webstore, photo gallery, and blog. Those who sign up to a free website are quite limited in what they can create. Additionally, the Webs banner stays at the bottom of the screen. Signing up to a premium plan ensures people get more features and tools, as well as a custom domain name.

Features of Webs.com

Webs offers a number of key features: