3dCart is a US privately held company responsible for developing shopping cart software that is used by ecommerce and other online stores. The company was founded in 1997 and has its headquarters in Tamarac, FL. On the 2010 Inc. 5000 list, it ranked #745. According to 3dCart, some 17,000 different online stores now use its platform. In 2015, it also reported that it was responsible for the processing of some $14.4 billion in sales. 3dCart is an incredibly popular platform that has received numerous high profile reviews. Many feel that there is nothing quite like 3dCart out there, offering features that no other has even been able to develop. It is probably for this reason that they were ranked #1 in eCommerce software by Top Ten Reviews in June 2016.

History of 3dCart

Gonzalo Gil launched Infomart 2000 back in 1997, as a high school side project. Infomart is still 3dCart’s parent company, which was created by Gil and his friend Jimmy Rodriguez. Rodriguez is still COO of the company, which he joined in 2004. It was also in that year that 3dCart came to exist, rebranding it from Infomart 2000.

Version 7.0 of 3dCart was launched in September 2015, which is currently the latest version of the platform. The updated version included a brand new dashboard and control panel, an update to the platform’s core infrastructure, and the REST API. Also in the same month, 3dCart Enterprise was launched, which is a completely new version of the platform and that delivers services specifically for online stores with high sales volumes.

One month later, they launched the POS system, which is iPad based. This enabled merchants to accept check, cash, and credit card payments from iPad users. Finally, in June 2016, 3dCart officially announced that their Managed Google Shopping service has been launched together with built-in webhooks and a completely new Product Editor.

3dCart’s Services

3dCart offers a wealth of services as described in their history. However, their focus is on creating a shopping cart for ecommerce stores, for which they offer three different tiers. Each tier has a different price and offers different amounts of bandwidth, and allowing increasing numbers of products. Prices range from between $9.99 per month and $99.99 per month. For midsize businesses, they offer two specific services allowing for a greater amount of bandwidth. The Enterprise tier is the third one, which is designed specifically for stores with very high sales volumes.

Features of 3dCart

The company prides itself on being reliable, results-oriented, responsive, and customer-focused. This is why they also offer fantastic support to all their customers, and why they are based in the United States. Besides chat, phone, and ticket support, they also offer a comprehensive knowledge base, videos, HTML guide, onboarding coach, ecommerce university, and user manual. Last but not least, new features are added regularly.