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1and1 Internet is a web hosting company that was founded in 1988, making it one of the oldest companies of its kind. It is owned by German internet company United Internet, with Robert Hoffmann as its CEO. Today, it is one of the largest companies of its kind and it has its own data centers in Lenexa, Kansas and in Europe.

History of 1and1

In 1988, German company 1&1 was made responsible for the marketing of a T-Com business, owned by T-Mobile. This company was called BTX but was promptly renamed T-Online. Ten years later, the parent company of 1&1, United Internet, launched an IPO and went public. This enabled them to generate some $60 million in funds. That same year, Puretec was introduced in Europe, which was a web hosting product for consumers.

The company quickly expanded and opened offices in the United Kingdom in 2000. Three years later, it started to accept its first direct customers from the US. In 2010, the company entered into a partnership with ZOHO Corporation. This enabled them to create and use cloud applications. In June of that year, they launched the 1&1 Online Office.

By 2013, the company expanded even further. They started offering their services to those in Mexico. Since then, it has continued to grow and develop.

1and1’s Services

1&1 offers a wealth of different services. These include dedicated servers, virtual private servers (VPS), cloud servers, and domain registration. For those who want to fulfill orders in a certain country, their address must be registered in that country as well. This is currently true for the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, and the US. Hosting is offered depending on the website that is used for a certain order.

In 2006, 1&1 claimed that they were the largest company of their kind in Germany and the United Kingdom, hosting the most websites. Additionally, they said they ranked seventh for number of websites hosted in the United States.

Continuously updating their services, 1&1 currently offers:

Features of 1and1

1&1 prides itself on its variety of services. They ensure high performance, thereby leading to successful projects. In fact, they claim to have 100% performance, 100% availability, and 100% customizable solutions. To achieve that, they offer:

Security and Reliability

For 1&1, the focus is on offering maximum security and reliability through the services described above, particularly SSL, DDoS, and Geo-Redundancy services, as well as their ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified 100% secure data centers. These features are included in all 1&1 packages, thereby ensuring maximum website protection, including protection from cyber crimes and hacker attacks. Furthermore, their data centers are completely safe and secure, which means people never have to experience downtime.

Variety of Apps

Another feature of 1&1 is that they offer a variety of apps that are very well organized and very quick to install. Through the 1&1 App Center, an exclusive area, customers can view all the different open source applications that are included in the packages, with a brief description. They can then choose one of three options for installation. The most popular apps, themes, plugins, and extensions are all listed within the App Center. New apps are added very regularly, which means people always have the best options available to create the website that they want.

Design and Layout

1&1 also uses professional software for design and layout. These tools are available for any type of website, regardless of its intended size. All websites are truly state of the art, thanks to the easy creation and customization options. The 1&1 Website Builder runs completely online, which means there is no need to install any software. A wealth of layouts are available to choose from with a single click, and they can be completely customized. Multimedia elements, images, colors, fonts, backgrounds, and more can all be customized. This is made possible through the fusion with NetObjects.

Variety of Tools

A variety of tools are also included to make the website more successful. These include professional, tailored marketing tools. By using these, clients can attract new customers, as well as retain those that they already have. Through search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) tools, clients can:

1&1 operates according to a number of core principles: one trial for one month, one click, one call, one secure choice. Those within the 1&1 team live and breathe the internet and their goal is to make sure each client receives their 100% full attention. The requirements they place on themselves include customization, availability, and performance. This is the golden thread in all their hosting packages. It is through this work that 1&1 has been able to set itself apart as one of the biggest and most respected website builders. They currently have over 13 million individual contracts. Their data centers, meanwhile, are known to be the most efficient and safe in the United States. They currently run over 70,000 servers, all high end, parallel in operation. Thanks to their commitment to availability, none of their customers has to experience downtime.

1&1 continues to set the standard for web hosting and website builder companies around the world. They offer a simple to use, highly intuitive interface that enables people to create functional websites that are customized to their own personal needs. Continuously growing and expanding their services, people are excited to see what they will bring out next.

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