Personal Websites Put You In Control

Personal Websites Let You Manage Your Image

Table of Contents:
  1. Personal Websites Are All About YOU
  2. Protect Your Reputation With A Personal Website
  3. Personal Websites Can Get You The Job
  4. Use Your Personal Site To Connect With The World
  5. Create A Personal Website Today!
  6. Video Summary: Personal Websites

Websites aren’t just for promoting businesses – you can also use them to promote yourself. Today, people actually EXPECT you to have a professional personal website. It’s the ultimate way to build a powerful online presence.

The Internet is the fastest growing community in the world, and now is the time to get involved.

Personal Websites Are All About YOU

A personal website is a great way to share the special events in your life. Create a website for your wedding, a cause you believe in, or even to announce the newest addition to your family. A personal website is a great way to share all your exciting news and milestones with family and friends, from weddings to anniversaries to the birth of a child.

You can also use your personal website to showcase your resume and work samples for potential employers, share photos with your friends and family, create a hub for your favorite hobby or interests, and so much more. People create personal websites for everything from talking about their pets to sharing recipes.

We all love to talk about ourselves and what’s important to us, and a personal website is the ultimate platform for doing just that. A personal website is a website that’s all about you and what you love.

what to use personal website for

With your own personal website, your only limit is your own imagination!


Andrew B Ellis says:

I am wanting to know if I can afford your services since I’m on Social Security disability and limited income is already applied but not committed myself to use services she could get back with me as soon as possible sincerely yours

    Beth Marcus says:

    @Andrew – Our free plan sounds perfect for you! It is free for life, and unless you add any paid upgrades or services, we won’t even collect your credit card information. You can try out our free plan by signing up at

beagle says:

I didn’t think I needed a website just for me. I was wrong!!

Robert Jefferson III says:

Promoting your website seems really important. I am very glad that I came across this information to help me out!

Tony says:

I try to network with all my fishing buddies, and creating my website makes it so much easier to correspond with my fishing friends all over the USA. It’s an easy way to share secrets and hotspots.

tina ha says:

I am interested in creating a personal websites to post vacation pictures to share with my family. I do have an interest in photography and would like to post them here as well.

Beatrice says:

I didn’t think I needed a website because I had Facebook and such. But my employer actually encouraged me to get one because I’ll be networking with clients and it will make me look more professional. I definitely recommend getting one, it can help you even if you don’t know it.

tom says:

how do I upload my resume?

steve scottsman says:

hey prettyflyguy, yeah i got one too, and it’s cool. the website editor is very easy to use, but kind of basic, but it’s easy to update your site and make it look good

eric says:

prettyflyguy – I have one, and I like it a lot. You should try it!

prettyflyguy says:

Have any of you gotten a personal website from here? What do you think? Would you recommend? Any feedback is welcome.

BG says:

Do you think it would be a good idea to get a personal website for my child? I want my kids to have a presence online, and think this would be a great fit.

    Beth Marcus says:

    @BG – Lots of parents start personal websites for their children as a way to secure their name online. In fact, many new parents register their baby’s domain names first thing!

Sh'quanda D says:

i can put my resume on my website?

    Beth Marcus says:

    @Sh’quanda – Yes you can. Then, potential employers will be able to download and view it from anywhere.

Allie J says:

Do you offer SEO services too? I know it’s iportant to have my own website, but only if it shows up in the search engines, right?

    Beth Marcus says:

    @Allie – Yes, we do offer several SEO packages that will help your website rank in the search engines. To learn more, log into your account and click on “Website SEO.”

Stacy says:

How do you find out if people are talking about you online?

    Beth Marcus says:

    @Stacy – One quick way is to just enter your name into a search engine and see what comes up. Another way is to set up Google Alerts for your name. Then, Google will send you an email whenever your name is mentioned online.

John says:

I couldn’t believe what I found online when I googled my name. Personal website here I come!